Club Leadership

Duties & Responsibilities of A Club President

  • Appoint Club Committee Chairman and members who are qualified for the jobs assigned and make certain that each committee has definite objective and is functioning consistently.
  • Hold regular club assemblies, the first as soon as possible after the appointment of committees.
  • Attend PETS and District Assembly.
  • Possess working knowledge of the Club Constitution and bye-laws.
  • Preside at regular meetings of the club and see that each is carefully planned, opened and adjourned on time.
  • Preside at regular meetings (at least once a month) of the Board of Directors.
  • Attend the District Conference and also see that the club is well represented at the Conference.
  • Co-operate with the Governor in various club and District Rotary matters and handle all correspondence promptly.
  • Supervise the preparation of a club budget and the proper accounting of club finances, including an internal audit.
  • See that written reports by the various Committee chairmen are presented to the Governor on the occasion of his official visit to the club.
  • Conduct a semiannual check up in January on all committee activities and objectives for the balance of the Rotary year.
  • Arrange a joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing Boards of Directors for the dual purpose of getting the new administration off to a good start and providing continuity in club administration.
  • Upload and monitor club goals, club activity report, Key performer Index reports on Rotary Club Central (My Rotary).

Duties & Responsibilities of A Club Secretary

  • Keep the record of membership
  • Record the attendance at meetings.
  • Attend SETS and District Assembly.
  • Send out notices of the Club, Board and Committees.
  • Record and preserve the minutes of meetings.
  • Send the required reports to Rotary International including the semi-annual reports of membership, prorata reports, the report of change in membership, the monthly report of attendance at the club meetings which shall be made to District Governor immediately following the last meetings of the month.
  • Collect and remit to Rotary International subscriptions of ‘The Rotarian’ or ‘Rotary News’.
  • Possess a working knowledge of the constitution and bye-laws of the club.
  • District website/articles for GML.

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