Club Service

“It is Club Service that puts Rotary into a man.”
Charles G. Tennent R.I. President, 1957-58

Club service is the foundation of Rotary. Its purpose is to foster successful administration of Rotary Clubs. Members are expected to participate in club fellowship, take part in programmes, serve in committees or Club’s Board of Directors and represent the Club in outside activities. Sharing the ideals of Rotary with new members, becoming better acquainted, helping to administer a well run Club is Club Service.

Roles and responsibilities of Chairman of various committees under Club Service:

  1. To promote RI Theme and propagate its significance.
  2. To emphasize the need to prepare classification and membership roster for each Club and fill up vacant classifications.
  3. To encourage Clubs to identify and induct qualified new members.
  4. To suggest means to make Club meetings lively and interesting and increasing the attendance.
  5. To motivate members to organize family meets and arrange for tours and picnics.
  6. To help Clubs to identify speakers for regular Club meetings.
  7. To inform the members, the need for District Level meeting and importance of attending them.
  8. To encourage members to always wear Rotary Pin.
  9. To Prepare and release informative booklets and motivate the District Sub Committee Chairman & Zonal Chairman to issue circulars on specific topics.
  10. To motivate and guide the Presidents to make Rotary simple and effective. An efficient Club Service is the first step towards an effective Rotary Club.


  • To study various ways and means of developing and increasing membership, to analyze, suggest and implement plans to successfully get good members in the clubs.
  • To educate new members about Rotary movement, objectives, policies procedures and service opportunities.
  • To inform them about R.I. website, Rotary Club Central district website etc.
  • To inform new members about privileges and responsibilities of membership, keep members informed about history, object and activities of Rotary at all levels.
  • To oversee the orientation of new members during their _rst year in Rotary and to mentor new members to ensure retention of members inducted.