District Awards

Governor’s Citation and Special Recognition Awards

The Clubs will be receiving special Citation and District Award from District Governor for outstanding accomplishments under different avenues of service. The evaluation of performance by the clubs will be made by points they earn for the various accomplishments / performances listed below. The Clubs will be divided into three categories as per their membership strength for the purpose of recognitions

1 Governor’s Citation & Recognition Awards as per the guidelines
2 Outstanding Club Presidents (One in each category) 3
3 Outstanding Club Secretaries (One in each category) 3
4 Outstanding Assistant Governors (One in each category) 3
5 Outstanding Club Bulletin (One in each category) 3
6 Outstanding District Committee Chairman upto 5
7 Outstanding Rotaract Clubs 3
8 Outstanding Interact Clubs 3
9 Club contributing maximum to the Rotary Foundation
10 Club achieving maximum percentage of membership growth
11 Best Public Image sustainable project
12 Best Project under Teacher Support
13 Best Project under E-Learning
14 Best Project under Child Development
15 Best Project under Happy Schools
16 Best Project under WinS
17 Best Hands on Project under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’.
18 Best Project under ‘Thrust Areas’
19 Club contributing maximum to the Polio Fund
20 Best Club Bulletin

Mandatory: (Must Criteria to receive the District Governor 16-17 citation)

1 To upload at least 10 goals in Rotary Club Central by 15th July 2016.
2 The clubs has to pay RI dues, District dues and Magazine dues within specied time (before the due date).

Attendance at PETS & SETS

President Elect Training Seminar 10
Secretary Elect Training Seminar 10

Attendance at District Training Assembly

President Elect 10
Secretary Elect 10
Treasurer Elect 10
Board Member (Each Director) 05

Attendance at Membership/TRF/Intercity

President Elect 10
Secretary Elect 10
(Additional points for attending District Events) per member

Registration for District Conference (17-18-19 February 2017)

By 30th July 2016
Single 15
Couple 20
By 31st August 2016
Single 10
Couple 15
After 31st October 2016
Single 5
Couple 10
RI Convention
Attending RI convention (per member or spouse) 10
Before 31st July 2016 10
Multi Club before 31st July 2016 20
Organizing Club Training Programme under Club Trainer
By 15th August 2016 10
After 15th August 2016 but not later than 15th September 05
Payment of R.I Semi Annual dues
By 31st July 2016 20
By 31st January 201 20
Payment of District dues
By 15 August 2016 15
By 1st September 2016 10
By 30 September 2016 05
Conducting New member orientation 20
100% Retention 20
Inducting new women member (per member) 10
Inducting new member below 40 years of age 10
Maintaining Club Records
Attendance register 10
Board of Directors minutes book 10
Club Assembly minute book 10
Club Inventory 10
Adopting & Implementing Club Strategic Plan 20
Governor’s Official Visit
On scheduled date 25
Change of date
Achieving 75% attendance 10
For regular & timely reporting of attendance
by 7th of each month throughout the year (12 months) 10
For regular & timely club activity reports/th>
by 7th of each month throughout the year to the District Attendance Officer and DG’s Office 10
Observing each designated month with some Special activity(Each designated month) 05
Incoming Leadership
Holding club elections & reporting to district Governor by 15th Jan 2017 with name & address etc of President Elect and Secretary Elect 20
Sponsoring New Club
Sponsoring a New Rotary Club 20
Sponsoring a New Rotaract Club 10
Sponsoring a New Interact Club 10
Sponsoring a New RVC 10
Sponsoring a New Rotary Club (Below 40 years) 40
Publication of Club Bulletin
Weekly 15
Fortnightly 10
Monthly 05
Hosting District Event
Multi Zonal Function 10
District Function 20
District Conference 50
Hosting at International Youth Exchange/Friendships Exchange
Day Hosting 05
Overnight Stay 10
Completing a new project under TEACH, WinS & Swachh Bharat
On Completion of each project 20
On successfully completed each project with thrust areas of 2016-17 20
Registration on ‘My Rotary’
Entire Club Members 100
50% Club Members 50
Posting regular update club goals on Rotary Club Central 100
Creating Awareness on T.B. & its Treatment
At least one Camp on Awareness/ Prevention/ Treatment of TB 10
Workshop/Seminar/Rally on TB Awareness 10
Printing and distribution of material on TB Awareness and its symptoms and Treatment 10

Rotary Foundation Contributions

Achieving $26.50 each member 20
Achieving $100 per capita 30
Every PHF paying $1000 10
Every PHF society member 20
Every Major Donor 30
Endowment & Term Gift 30
Arch C Klumph 100
Attain 5 year high total club giving 100
Centennial year fund raising event 50
Children Unite for Polio-Schools 30
Organising WGM (World’s Greatest Meal) for Polio 20

Enhance Public Image and Awareness

90 Sec Videos highlighting beneciaries on signature project 30
Unify image and display of correct Rotary Brand 10
Promote core values (4 Way Test) 10
Publicize action oriented service project (each project) 10
Uploading pictures projects on Rotary showcase (each) 10
Media coverage – Hoardings (Every 1 Hoarding) 15


Fall in membership (each member) 10
Organizing club activities on the dates of District Event 50
Non attendance on PETS/SETS/DTA 50
Non attendance on conference 50


  • While claiming points same project cannot be counted at 2 places, you may claim points in any one group or wherever you are likely to get more points
  • All points marked additional are to be added to basic points
  • Additional points are uploading pictures on Rotary Showcase will be eligible only if pictures and projects are uploaded to Rotary showcase within 2 weeks of the projects


In cases of discrepancy decision of DG Citation committee is final. Clubs will be divided into 3 groups depending on membership strength (<50, 50-100, & > 100)
There will be 3 awards in each group

The evaluation of performance by the Assistant Governors and District Committee Chairmen will be made by points they earn for the various accomplishments / performances listed below.

Outstanding Assistant Governor

1 Making regular & specied visits to the clubs (each visit) 10 points each club
2 Submitting timely report to the District Governor after each

Club visit/ Each visit 10 points each club
Taking action on DG/DT communication within given deadline. 10 points each
Submitting action taken report on the above within given deadline. 20 points each
Payment of RI dues by designated clubs in each half within deadline 10 points each club
Payment of District Dues within deadline by each designated club. 10 points each club
Registration in all district functions by designated clubs. 10 points each club
Designated clubs achieving minimum 15% nett membership growth. 10 points each club
Chartering one new Rotary club in the zone. 50 points
Chartering new Rotaract club in the zone. 30 points each club
Chartering new Interact club in the zone. 20 points each club
Submitting quarterly reports of all designated clubs on 1st Oct, 1st Jan & 1st April. 10 points each report
3 Ensuring that all clubs are setting & updating their goals on Rotary Club Central 10 points each club
4 All members of the assigned clubs registered on ‘My Rotary’ 10 points each club
5 Ensuring completion and reporting of club elections by 31st December 2016 and reporting by 15th January 2017 10 points each club
6 Formation of the new club board latest by 31st March 2017 10 points each club
7 Attending the club Assembly 15 days prior to the DG Visit 10 points each club
8 Adhering to the dates of ofcial DG visit and participation by all assigned clubs 5 points each club
9 Attendance and participation by all assigned clubs at each District Function 10 points each club
10 Helping clubs achieve the contribution goals to the Rotary Foundation with each assigned club contributing minimum USD 2000 10 points each club
11 Annual completion report of the AG with Club wise details 30 points each club

NOTE: Assistant Governor scoring the highest points will be recognized as the Best Assistant Governor