District Goals 2016-17



  1. Each club to have minimum 10 % membership increase by 31st March 2017.
  2. Each club to induct at least 2 Lady Rotarians, 1 Rotary Alumni, 4 Past Rotaractors and young professionals under the age of 40 as members.
  3. Club membership retention to increase by 20 %


  1. Each club to develop leadership by ensuring every member is given a position in the Club Board, Committee, Sub-Committee or Projects.
  2. Each club to organize leadership seminars and encourage Rotarians to attend the District 3080 Leadership Academy.

Strengthening Clubs

  1. Each club of the District to qualify for the RI Presidential Citation.
  2. 100 % attendance of designated delegates from each Club at District Training Seminars & District Events.
  3. Each club to have a Strategic Plan
  4. Each club to use Rotary Club Central and encourage Member Access.
  5. Each club to use social media/ digital roster for sharing Rotary information and effective communication.
  6. Each club to publish monthly Newsletters, Bulletins in print format or e-copy.
  7. Each club to have a tech-savvy Rotarian in-charge of Rotary Online Tools.
  8. Each club to have a Club Trainer
  9. Each club to have updated Club Bye Laws.

Financial Goals

  1. Each club to pay District Dues by 30th September.
  2. Each club to ensure that RI dues are paid within specified period in each Rotary half Year.

Extension Goals

  1. Each zone to Charter at least 1 new Club.

Community Service

  1. Each club to have at least 3 Projects in any three of the six areas of focus:
    • Peace and Conflict prevention and resolution
    • Disease prevention and treatment
    • Water and Sanitation
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Basic Education and Literacy
    • Economic and Community Development.
  2. Each club to support Polio Plus NID’s etc. for keeping India Polio Free and to strive for a Polio Free World.
  3. Each club to promote awareness for blood donation by holding camps with a Club target of at least 150 units of Blood.
  4. Each club to promote body and organ donation Projects.
  5. Each club to encourage awareness, detection and treatment for Cancer, Tuberculosis, Diabetes and Blood Pressure.
  6. Each club to promote Environmental Awareness, Wild Life Protection, Water Harvesting and Waste Management & Recycling Projects.
  7. Each club to promote Traffic Awareness and Road Safety in the District.
  8. Each club to promote & participate in Rotary India Programmes:


Each club to have at least 10 activities with a minimum1 activity under each of the following 6 heads:

  • Teacher Support
  • E-Learning
  • Adult Literacy
  • Child Development
  • Happy Schools
  • Wash In Schools (WinS)


  • Each club to organize hands on service activities.
  • Each club to organize awareness activities.

NB: Commitment of One hundred hours per Rotarian per year of service in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Programme.

Vocational Service

    • (i) Each club to encourage all Rotarians to display the Declaration for Rotarians and the Four Way Test at their work place.
    • (ii) Each club to install at least 4 Bill Boards at important road junctions, colleges, schools and public places.
  1. Each club to organize career counseling/vocational training programmes for school/college students and semi skilled workers.
  2. Each club to honour and award vocational achievers in the community.
  3. Each club to participate in District VTT Missions beyond and within the District.
  4. Each club to adopt the Rotary – Singer India Ltd. skill development initiative to promote girls/women empowerment and entrepreneurship.

International Service

  1. Each club to promote 2016-17 RI Convention at Atlanta, Georgia with a goal of at least 5 delegates from the Club.
  2. Aim to host at least 2 International Friendship Exchanges at the District level.
  3. District to sponsor at least one Rotary Peace Fellow. (100 Peace Fellowships are offered annually on a competitive basis worldwide).

New Generations

  1. Each club to have at least one functional Rotaract Club and two functional Interact Clubs.
  2. Each club to organize RYLA’s & RYPENS including one for differently abled children and to participate in the Inter District RYLA.
  3. District to organize Rotary Youth Exchange Programme

The Rotary Foundation

  1. Each club to qualify for District Grants with minimum contribution of USD 1000 in Annual Fund Giving.
  2. Each club to contribute minimum USD 100 per capita to TRF.
  3. Each club to become EREY Club.
  4. Each club to organize special Fund Raisers for TRF.
  5. Each zone to have one PHF club.

The Polio Fund

  1. Each member to contribute at least USD 26.5 to the foundation for PolioPlus.
  2. Each Club to organize at least one event to support the Polio Fund i.e., Worlds Greatest Meal.
  3. Each Club to support Children Unite for Polio Fund raisers in schools.

Public Image

  1. Each club to take up at least one sustainable public image campaign through print application, local cable network, radio, billboard or pamphlets.
  2. Each club to encourage Rotarians to wear the Rotary pin and affix the Rotary logo sticker on their vehicles.
  3. Each club to get maximum publicity in the print and social media for major service projects and achievements of members.
  4. Each club to have correct Rotary Brand displayed on all club stationery public displays and banners etc.

District Conference

  1. Each Club to register with a minimum of 50% members for District Conference.


1 Number of Teachers to be trained 200
2 Number of DIETS to be strengthened 50
3 Number of Teachers to be recognized with Nation Builders Award 200
1 Number of E Learning centres to be set up 100
1 Total number of adults to be made literate in District club 2000
2 Number of schools to be engaged in Rotary India Global Dream Project (RIGD) 1000
3 Number of School student-volunteer to be engaged in RIGD 50
4 Number of Adult Learning Centres to be started 50
5 Total no of adults to be made literate through Adult Literacy Centres 200
6 Number of Adults to be enrolled for Skill Development Program 1000
1 Number of Ashakiran Children to be sponsored 200
1 Number of schools to be adopted under Happy Schools Project 25
2 Number of Libraries to be Created in Govt. & Govt. Aided Schools 20
G Others
1 Number of Volunteers to be registered 100
2 Funds to be raised INR 320000
3 Number of PR initiatives to be organized 50
F WinS
1 Number of Handwork Stations to be made in Schools 250
2 Wash & hygiene related message & paintings on walls 75
3 Overhead water storage tanks 50
4 Distribution of drinking water 50
5 Sanitary Napkins change facility 50
6 Provision of Incinerator for destruction of sanitary napkin waste 50
7 Construction of access friendly gender segregated toilet blocks 200


Support & Strengthen Clubs
1 by increasing club Membership 10%
2 by improving retention rate 90%
3 by increasing percentage of female members 20%
4 Set & track goals in Rotary Club Central 70%
Focus & Increase Humanitarian Service
1 Club participation in Global Grants 25%
2 Club participation in District Grants 60%
3 Increase in percentage of contribution to TRF 300%
4 Foundation goals $ 1 Million
a) Annual Fund $500000
b) Polio Plus Fund $75000
c) Others $425000
Enhance public image & awareness
1 Unify image and brand awareness
2 Publicize action-oriented service
3 Promote core values
4 Encourage clubs for signature activities for 90 second videos highlighting beneciaries
Working with youth
1 Sponsor New Rotaract Club 10
2 Sponsor New Interact Club 20
3 Sponsor New RCC 10
4 Sponsor New Rotary Club 05