Meet our District Governor

10 July 2018
Rotary Greetings to you​ all​.

​I along with my Presidents and Secretaries have catapulted into leadership roles at Club and District levels. I am sure that this forthcoming journey shall be full of tangible benefits to those whom we are determined to serve.

In order to encourage Clubs to go the extra mile, I shall be awarding “District Governor’s Citation” (as had been indicated by me at the District Training Assembly). In order to receive the same, the Clubs will have to go through the following steps and satisfy the criteria given below :

There shall be four “Action Fortnights”, one in each quarter of the year i.e. once every three months.

The first “Action Fortnight” shall be from 1st to 15th of July, 2018 and Clubs shall need to accomplish two of the following three projects within this fortnight :

Project Chhaya : Placement of big sized umbrellas (preferably of blue colour with Rotary branding, Club name etc.) for the benefit of cobblers, rickshaw stands, washermen (dhobi) etc. in our communities. Number of such umbrellas should be equal to half of the strength of your Club.
TARA : Traffic Awareness Rotary Awareness. Fixing of reflectors with Rotary logo on the rear side of slow moving and big sized vehicles like tempos, trucks, tractor trolleys, carts etc.
Adolescent Healthcare : Awareness on Menstrual Hygiene. Awareness camps at schools, focusing on adolescent and hygiene issues.

Mandatory Project :
One project that you “have” to do in addition to two of the three stated above is : Bird Bath. Provide at least 30 “earthen” bird baths in your community, distribute amongst members, friends etc. Hang the bird baths (using wire) on low branches of shady trees so that placing water is easy and the water is not too hot. Clubs providing a minimum of 50 bird baths shall be eligible for the District Governor’s “Golden” Citation.

Important :
The reporting for this Citation shall be in a format and the projects shall need to be uploaded on Rotary Showcase within 2 days of their having been accomplished.

Please feel free to contact me or the District Secretariat in case you have a query. Assistant Governors are requested to spread information about the “District Governor’s Citation”. Wishing you an “Inspiring” year ahead.

Yours in Rotary,
Praveen C. Goyal
District Governor​ 2018-19​
Rotary International District 3080